Introduction to Game Development with Unity

Game development has become an increasingly popular field in recent years, with many aspiring developers seeking to create their own games. Unity is a popular game development engine that allows developers to create games for various platforms such as PC, mobile, and consoles. In this guide, we will walk 10th-grade students through the process of creating a game with Unity.

Course Goals

  • Navigate and use Unity's interface to create game projects
  • Write basic scripts in C# to control game objects and implement gameplay mechanics
  • Design and create game assets, including 2D and 3D graphics and audio elements
  • Use Unity's built-in tools to add gameplay elements, including player controls, enemies, and scoring systems
  • Test and debug game projects, identifying and fixing common errors

Course Outline:

  1. Getting Started with Unity

    • Introduction to Unity's interface
    • Setting up a new project
    • Overview of Unity's components: scenes, game objects, and components
    • Creating a basic scene with game objects
  2. Scripting in C#<

    • Introduction to C#
    • Creating a new script
    • Writing code to control game objects
    • Debugging and testing scripts
  3. Adding Gameplay Elements

    • Adding player controls
    • Creating enemies and obstacles
    • Adding scoring and win/lose conditions
  4. Designing Game Assets

    • Introduction to game asset design
    • Creating game art with Unity's tools
    • Importing 2D and 3D assets
    • Applying textures and materials to game objects
  5. Audio in Unity

    • Importing audio files
    • Creating sound effects and music
    • Adding audio to game objects and events
  6. Polishing Your Game

    • Adding UI elements
    • Creating menus and screens
    • Testing and debugging
    • Building and exporting your game for different platforms
  7. Final Project

    • Students will create a final project that incorporates the concepts learned throughout the course
  8. Students will work in small groups to create a gaming app in Android/IOS using Unity that incorporates the concepts learned throughout the course and receive feedback